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PYO Crops A-Z

PYO Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday: 09:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am - 17:00pm 


Garsons Pick Your Own farm grows 28 crops in a total of 76 varieties to ensure the picking season lasts from late May to October.

Pick Your Own useful information HERE.

We have listed the crops and their varieties below. Please see our crop calendar.

  • A

    • Apples
      Discovery, Bramley, Cox, Sunrise, Scrumptious, Red Windsor, Herefordshire Russet, Falstaff
  • B

    • Beetroot
    • Blackberries
      Sylvan, Chester, Fantasia
    • Blackcurrants
      Ben Connan, Ben Sarek
    • Broad Beans
      Witkiem Manita
    • Broccoli
      Steel, Marathon
  • C

    • Cabbages
      Altess, Sherwood
    • Carrots
      Ideal Red
    • Cauliflowers
      Serac, Nessie, Nautilous, Aviron
    • Cherries
      Stella, Colney, Summer Sun
    • Courgettes
      Tuscany, Best of British, Tosca, Optima
    • Cucumbers
  • F

    • French Beans
      Scylla, Scuba, Douglas
  • G

    • Gooseberries
  • Marrows

    • Badger Cross
  • O

    • Onions
  • P

    • Peas
      Avola, Ambassador, Alexandra
    • Plums
      Jubileum, Victoria, Marjories Seedling
    • Potatoes
    • Pumpkins
  • R

    • Raspberries
      Tulameen, Octavia, Squamish, Autumn Treasure, Glen Ample and Polka.
    • Red Cabbage
      Red Flare
    • Redcurrants
      Jonheer Van Tets, Revado
    • Runner Beans
      White Emergo
  • S

    • Spinach
    • Squash
      Hunter, Confection, Harlequin, Turks turban, Sunspot, Kabocha, Gem
    • Strawberries
      Malling Centenary, Elsanta, Sonata, Symphony, Jive, Malwena Elan, Finesse and Murano
    • Sugar Snaps
    • Sweetcorn
      Earlibird, Ovation, Goldcrest, Seville and Conqueror