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PYO Crops A-Z

PYO Opening Times:

PICK YOUR OWN IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Thank you to everyone who came and picked this year - see you again in 2019 


Garsons Pick Your Own farm grows 28 crops in a total of 76 varieties to ensure the picking season lasts from late May / early June to October.

Pick Your Own useful information HERE.

We have listed the crops and their varieties below. Please see our crop calendar.

  • A

    • Apples
      Discovery, Bramley, Cox, Sunrise, Scrumptious, Red Windsor, Herefordshire Russet, Falstaff
  • B

    • Beetroot
    • Blackberries
      Sylvan, Chester, Fantasia
    • Blackcurrants
      Ben Connan, Ben Sarek
    • Broad Beans
      Witkiem Manita
    • Broccoli
      Steel, Marathon
  • C

    • Cabbages
      Altess, Sherwood
    • Carrots
      Ideal Red
    • Cauliflowers
      Serac, Nessie, Nautilous, Aviron
    • Cherries
      Stella, Colney, Summer Sun
    • Courgettes
      Tuscany, Best of British, Tosca, Optima
    • Cucumbers
  • F

    • French Beans
      Scylla, Scuba, Douglas
  • G

    • Gooseberries
  • Marrows

    • Badger Cross
  • O

    • Onions
  • P

    • Peas
      Avola, Ambassador, Alexandra
    • Plums
      Jubileum, Victoria, Marjories Seedling
    • Potatoes
    • Pumpkins
  • R

    • Raspberries
      Tulameen, Octavia, Squamish, Autumn Treasure, Glen Ample and Polka.
    • Red Cabbage
      Red Flare
    • Redcurrants
      Jonheer Van Tets, Revado
    • Runner Beans
      White Emergo
  • S

    • Spinach
    • Squash
      Hunter, Confection, Harlequin, Turks turban, Sunspot, Kabocha, Gem
    • Strawberries
      Malling Centenary, Elsanta, Sonata, Symphony, Jive, Malwena Elan, Finesse and Murano
    • Sugar Snaps
    • Sweetcorn
      Earlibird, Ovation, Goldcrest, Seville and Conqueror