Your Farm Visit


Now in its forty-third year, we are delighted to open the gates of Garson Farm once again.

Our dedicated team of farmers work hard year-round to ensure the 155 acres of fields are ready for picking from early June through late October. Pick from delicious fruits, fresh vegetables and even beautiful flowers. Check to see 'What's Picking Today'.

A FARM PASS is required to enter the farm and must be booked ONLINE before visiting.


Farm Location

Garson Farm Pick Your Own (PYO) is located at:


The farm entrance is located through Garsons Garden Centre's main car park, follow the directional arrow signs around the car park towards the top left and drive through the farm gate.

We encourage all visitors to drive around the farm, stopping and parking up at each field as you go around.      


Picked produce is charged per item or weighed (gross weight charged) at the exit till kiosks. Your Farm Pass booking value will be deducted from the total bill, provided the picked produce is equal to or of a higher value than the Farm Pass booking price.

Please pay at the exit kiosks using a debit card, credit card, or mobile contactless. Please note that we do not accept Amex.

Garsons Card members will receive a 10% discount off their produce if their purchases total at least the value of their Farm Pass. This offer is available weekdays, Monday through Friday only, with a valid Garsons Card that must be shown and scanned at the time of purchase.


Crop varieties, like strawberries, are split into three unique seasons; Early, Peak & Late.   

Now, during the EARLY season, the crop may not yet be available in abundance or fully developed. In this phase, we may need to reduce the number of Farm Pass visitors or sometimes rest the crop to allow it time to grow or produce more fruit. The warm sunshine helps tremendously, while cooler temperatures slow the process down. Should on the odd occasion we need to close the farm, your farm pass booking will be rescheduled or refunded. 

Crop availability will always vary day-to-day depending on past and current weather conditions, which affect the growth and timings of the crop; therefore, we cannot guarantee specific crops will be available on the day of your booking. However, we carefully estimate crop availability as best as we can with our expert team of farmers.

You can check crop availability here, 'What's Picking Today', which is frequently updated.



The farm remains open come rain or shine! We love it when the summer rain comes as it helps our crops grow, so come on down with your wellies and a hooded jacket, and have fun picking in the rain.

Please make sure you bring a bottle of water and sunscreen with you on warmer days. Be prepared as the farm can get very muddy or dusty weather dependant. We do not offer any refunds for bookings due to weather conditions. 

Important Things to Note

  • ONLY FARM PASS HOLDERS WILL BE ALLOWED ENTRY; each individual must have a valid Farm Pass with a corresponding date and time including infants, carers, childminders and teachers
  • Please expect there may be a small queue upon entry and exit
  • We encourage that all visitors drive through the Farm, stopping and parking up at each field as you drive around, for safety
  • Caution must be taken; Garson Farm is a working farm with tractors, vehicles and wildlife on site, the farm ground may be uneven and contain changing surfaces
  • There is no limit to your time spent picking on the Farm however, we recommend that you spend no more than a couple of hours during your visit to allow everyone throughout the day to experience a safe and controlled environment
  • The farm has NO TOILET facilities. You are welcome to use the toilets inside Garsons Garden Centre however, these are not within walking distance of the farm, please factor this in before entering the farm, please note the garden centre closes at 6:00pm (from September onwards it closes at 5:00pm)
  • For health and safety reasons, NO pet DOGS are permitted on the farm at any time, except assistance dogs. Dogs must not be left in vehicles under any circumstances
  • Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk, and all items, belongings and other property brought onto the farm by visitors are at their own risk
  • Make sure you observe notices in place around the farm which contain important information and instructions. Please make sure you follow our PYO rules and pick safely. Eating picked produce before paying is strictly forbidden and will be treated as theft. Picnics are not allowed on the farm; however, a picnic field is available to use during opening hours which is located in the garden centre's additional car park on the far left. All produce must be washed before consumption
  • Packaging is provided for you free of charge, subject to availability, and is located throughout various points around the Farm. Please note that you will be charged by gross weight
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere on the farm
  • Farm Passes are non-refundable, which includes missed time slots, crop availability and weather
  • Crop produce availability varies due to seasonal and weather changes; this does not affect your Farm Pass booking terms
  • Garsons reserves the right to refuse admission, including late arrivals
  • Find out more on how we farm Garsons PYO Farming Policy 
  • All groups, educational and non-educational, larger than 16 people will need to be approved and confirmed in writing, or they may not be permitted entry.
  • Click for full PYO Terms & Conditions