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PYO Farm


Garsons Pick Your Own farm grow 28 crops totaling 76 varieties - ensuring the picking season lasts from June until October.

Take your pick from perfectly ripe soft fruits including strawberries and raspberries, fresh vegetables such as courgettes and peas and even beautiful seasonal sunflowers.

All crops are easily accessible by car, and there is plenty of free parking on site, so enjoy a great day out in the fresh air with the family.

For a full list of our crops and varieties see our Crops & Calendar, and view our Map and Crop Availability to see what's currently picking.

Click here for the full PYO 2018 price list

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£4 MINIMUM SPEND PER ADULT (Not applicable to children aged 16 and under) 

Each adult must pay £4 minimum spend, upon entering the farm.

Produce is then weighed and paid for at the PYO exit tills, whereupon the minimum spend will be refunded against the total bill.*

We have taken the decision this year to introduce a minimum spend of £4 per adult for our pick-your-own fields, this is the equivalent of around 800g of Strawberries for example.

The pick-your-own fields offer a fantastic day out for families that is incredibly good value when you consider that all you’re paying for is the produce that you take away.


An individual customer visits, paying £4 minimum spend.  They pick fruit and vegetables, to the value of £7.42.  This leaves £3.42 remaining to be paid at the exit tills.



Pick Your Own useful tips

  • Please drive to our fields, it’s a long way!
  • We do not allow dogs, coaches or smoking on the farm
  • Please only picnic in the designated area, and only eat produce once paid for
  • All fruit, vegetables and flowers are either charged per item or per kg (gross weight charged)
  • Toilets and Restaurant facilities are located in our Garden Centre
  • Warning; fields and car parks have uneven surfaces, please take care

*Terms and conditions

  • Minimum charge applies 7 days per week, per adult  (aged 17 and over)
  • Children (aged 16 and under) are excluded from the £4 minimum spend
  • By entering Garsons PYO fields, you are agreeing to spend £4 or more, per adult
  • Those whose produce comes to a lower value, will forfeit the difference
  • Garsons Card members receive 10% off, once the minimum charge of £4 per person is met.  This discount is applicable Mon-Fri
  • Minimum spend receipt only valid on the day they are purchased
  • Entry and exit till receipts must be kept as proof of purchase
  • Customers may leave and re-enter the PYO fields on the date of the entry ticket receipt, without requiring an additional entry payment