Wander through an abundance of lavender and embrace the enchanted scent, hazy hues and magnificent calming scenes up on the hilltop.

Ten thousand aromatic lavender plants were introduced to the farm hill in 2022, along with wildflowers planted throughout the farm, to help with pollination, which is crucial to the growth, health and productivity of the farm’s many crops and ecosystem.

The botanical Lavandula Grosso variety, part of the mint family, is famed for its strong aromatic scent and deep, vivid blue and purple tones.


Lavender Hill is now a hive of activity, it attracts a wealth of pollinating bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to the surrounding local environment. The lavender plants also benefit our own bee colonies, which live in hives on the farm fields.

We hope that, with our nurture and care, the Lavender Hill will become a lasting and cherished feature of the farm's landscape that humans and insects will appreciate and relish like-for-like.

Renowned for its calm energy and relaxing aromas we invite you to enjoy the ultimate sensory experience on Garson Farm’s Lavender Hill.



You can choose to visit Garson Farm Lavender on the day of your PYO visit.

This is a separate event with an on-the-gate entry fee accessible only to visitors with a Farm Pass booking.

  • Adult (Aged 15 + years)     £4
  • Children & Infants              FREE

Garson Farm Lavender can only be accessed while on Garsons Pick Your Own farm. Look out for the signposts.

Only those with a Farm Pass booking can enter the farm.

Garson Farm Lavender is an additional event experience with an entry fee. The entry fee does not include picking lavender, although bunches of freshly cut lavender from the fields will be available most days at the lavender kiosk.