Our range of houseplants, including Cacti and Succulents and indoor bamboos, will add eye-catching colour, lush greenery and interest to your home. Brightening up a room in an instant, they also make fantastic gifts for family and friends. As well as splashes of vivid colours, just two or three houseplants in a room provide proven health benefits, including purifying air, reducing airborne dust levels, keep air temperatures down and reduce stress.

Houseplants like a bright spot out of direct sunlight and away from radiators. Mist regularly with water to keep humidity high - you'll find hand misters in our garden centre, along with liquid feed to keep them at their best all season long. Please ask the staff for more information and advice about our range of houseplants.

Top 5 houseplants that clean the air

These top 5 houseplants that clean the air are great plants to have in your home or office to help clear the air of common toxins that we are all subjected to from modern-day living.

How to care for houseplants

Houseplants add beauty to our homes, and they’re good for us too, helping to reduce stress and boost our moods. To help you keep your houseplants looking their best, we’ve put together some tips on basic houseplant care.

5 beautiful indoor hanging plants

Indoor hanging plants add an extra dimension to a room, with their foliage cascading elegantly from baskets or spilling down from shelves and ledges. And despite their exotic appearance, many hanging plants are straightforward to grow and take care of. Here are five of our favourite indoor hanging plants.

Indoor plants with fantastic foliage

When you’re choosing an indoor plant, please take a good look at its leaves. Flowers are great, but they come and go, and indoor plants need to look good all year long. Do you want year-round fantastic indoor plants? Choose indoor plants with fantastic foliage that last all year. Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor plants with amazing leaves, and here are three of our favourites.