Gardening by Month - February

Spring is just around the corner, so let’s move into gardening mode. February is a quieter month in the garden, but go ahead and make the most of sunny days by preparing for the gardening season. 

If your garden lacks in colour, plant some containers with winter-flowering heathers, pansies and cyclamen. Clear out old plants from your pots and refresh them with new potting compost. Using pots for late winter displays means you can position them to best appreciate the blooms and foliage from indoors. On colder nights, they’ll have more protection if you bring them close to the house. Ensure your pots have drainage holes to avoid them becoming waterlogged. Remember to keep them watered during dry spells.

Start the year with clean, sharp secateurs and shears. If you haven’t already pruned deciduous trees and shrubs, do it now before spring growth begins. Remove dead and damaged branches and aim for a tidy shape. 

How about creating a more wildlife-friendly garden? Native plants from shrubs to wildflowers support the ecosystem in your garden. Consider introducing a range of pollinator plants that will flower from early spring until autumn to attract bees. Having a mix of flowers - like primroses, which are available in-store now - and shrubs - such as our Plant of the Month Specimen range - can support wildlife. Check the RHS Plants for Pollinators guide to see which garden plants are best.  

Other jobs for February:

  • Add compost to bare patches of soil. Fruit trees will appreciate a layer of manure. 
  • If you have a greenhouse or cold frame, clean the windows to allow more light in. Ventilate it on warmer days. 
  • Prevent any ground level debris from getting in the way of emerging spring bulbs. 
  • Check that your garden furniture is in good enough condition to last the year ahead. If not, consider what replacements will best suit you.
  • Remember to keep an unfrozen water source for wildlife, along with wild bird feed. 

Until next month, happy gardening!

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