Make your house extra cosy with colourful houseplants


We are currently back in wintertime. Did you know that wintertime is officially the standard time? Since 1977, we have been setting the clocks forward by an hour in spring to make better use of daylight and save energy. In autumn, we revert the clock backwards to standard time again. We are here to provide you with tips on making the indoors extra cosy and colourful with beautiful, trendy houseplants and mood-enhancing elements such as scented candles and bowls filled with walnuts, pine cones, or decorative gourds. Our garden centre offers you inspiring suggestions and has everything you need for a warm and inviting autumn.

Houseplants with leaves in warm autumn colours

Make your house extra cosy with colourful houseplants

  • The Calathea comes in a wide variety of versions, with striking veins and corresponding colours. It's a dynamic plant, as it folds its leaves together when it gets dark and gradually unfurls them when it gets lighter. Avoid placing the Calathea in direct sunlight, as it can cause the edges of the leaves to turn brown. It appreciates occasional misting, as it thrives in humid conditions.

  • Among the leaf begonias (which are back in vogue, especially the polka-dot begonia, or Begonia maculata), you'll find beautiful leaf colours and patterns, ranging from rust brown to green and red. There's even a begonia rex called 'Indian Summer,' with purple leaves and an almost black vein. All begonias prefer moist soil and a bright spot, but not full sun.

Begonia maculata

  • Bringing a touch of the jungle into your home, the Philodendron is available in many varieties, including hanging or climbing types and those on stems. Its leathery, heart-shaped, or deeply serrated leaves make it a highly decorative houseplant. Most Philodendrons have dark green, glossy leaves, but they also come in lime green, dark red, pink, and variegated varieties with irregular golden-yellow spotting. The plant requires little water and prefers a bright spot, but not direct sunlight. You can plant a climbing Philodendron in a hanging pot and train it along the wall as a living, exotic tapestry.

  • Croton, also known as the wonder tree, is a real eye-catcher that can grow over two meters tall. Its variegated leaves come in almost every colour of the rainbow: yellow, red, orange, and even purple. The plant thrives in direct sunlight, making it suitable for a spot near a window. Keep the soil lightly moist.

Houseplants with flowers in fiery autumn colours

Guzmania fiery houseplant

  • Bromeliads and Guzmanias are exotic beauties, with tubular flowers (actually bracts) in vibrant reds and yellows, among other shades. Place them in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight, and water them in the cup or rosette. They appreciate high humidity, so treat them to an occasional misting.

  • The Flamingo Plant (Anthurium) is another tropical beauty, with beautifully glossy leaves and white, bright red, soft red, or orange flowers (again, actually bracts). Like the Bromeliad and Guzmania, the Flamingo Plant prefers a bright spot, but not harsh sunlight, and a regular misting. Water it once or twice a week.

Create an autumn bouquet

Autumn bouquet

You can also get creative with autumn bloomers in large vases or a collection of small vases or bottles. Think of chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, dahlias, twigs with orange lanterns from the Chinese lantern plant (Physalis), as well as rose hips and berry twigs. For this, you can scour your own garden, (roof) terrace, or balcony, or come by our garden centre in Esher, Surrey and Titchfield. Here, you'll also find blooming artificial flowers and blossom branches, the most beautiful vases, and colourful pots for your houseplants.

Chase away the autumn blues with foliage plants and blooming houseplants in warm or fiery colours, complemented by bouquets and other mood-enhancing elements such as scented candles and pine cones. Our garden center in Esher, Surrey and Titchfield has inspiring tips and everything you need for a cozy autumn interior.

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