Garsons are WINNERS once again


Garsons Esher has been awarded national winner of the Best Christmas Destination Garden Centre 2023 across the UK by the Garden Centre Association’s Christmas Competition for the second consecutive year.

In addition, Garsons were granted the top awards, with 1st place going to Garsons Esher and 2nd to Garsons Titchfield across the regional South Thames competition area.

“A superb Christmas from the minute you arrive; the effort and passion really shine.” Phil McCann, GCA inspector judge.  

Phil travelled up and down the country judging many regions, visiting numerous garden centres and inspecting the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas! The GCA has again recognised Garsons for our “Absolutely sensational displays with a level of detail second to none... an absolute delight to visit and experience.”

"We are utterly delighted to have won this leading award, and to be named the best in the UK for the second year running is phenomenal. The credit goes to our creative and hard-working teams." says Ben Thompson, Director. 

Garsons celebrated the arts this Christmas with the theme ‘The Art of Christmas’. A diverse collection of decorations and festive embellishments have been carefully themed and brought to life through intricate retail displays inspired by famous and well-loved artists such as The Art of Van Gogh and The Art of E.H. Shepard.


Award Winning Christmas Displays at Garsons, Esher



Award Winning Christmas Displays at Garsons, Titchfield








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