Popular Christmas Flowers

These popular Christmas flowers are all around during the festive season and bring such cheer to the home. Not just for their cheerful colours of red, white and green but also because of their significance and ease of care when you are busy getting all of the Christmas presents wrapped. Christmas flowers can add an incredible dynamic to decorations in your home and the garden, so these are our top flowers to add a splash of nature to your festivities. 

  1. Poinsettia
  2. Christmas Cactus 
  3. Chrysanthemum
  4. Amaryllis 

1. Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas flowers 

Seen just about everywhere during the festive rush, a decorated home has to include a Poinsettia! The colourful bracts (colourful leaves) aren’t the flowers. The tiny little yellow flowers are insignificant to the brightly coloured bracts of red, cream or even pink. There are variegated varieties now available, so you should be able to find one for any style. Water only when the soil has dried out, overwatering will cause the leaves to drop and the plant to die prematurely.

2. Another popular Christmas flower is the Christmas Cactus 

The Christmas Cactus is beautiful and easy to care for. It just needs indirect light and barely any water! Let the soil dry out, and if you forget, it will still be ok for two or even three weeks. The bright and shiny tubular flowers are instantly recognisable and are usually various shades of pink and cream. Did you know there is an easter, thanksgiving and Christmas cactus? You’ll know which is which by the time of year it flowers and the different leaf shapes.  

3. Chrysanthemum is a popular Christmas flower 

For cut flowers, the Chrysthanthemum can’t be beaten! Strong stems, flowers that last age in a vase and with so many colours available, they are perfect for a festive vase of flowers on the coffee table. They are much easier to grow in the garden than often led to believe. The key is knowing exactly which variety you have so you can prune them appropriately. Don’t forget to add some tinsel around the vase as well, so they really stand out. 

4. Of all the popular Christmas flowers, the Amaryllis is the one

A popular Christmas flower is the Amaryllis. The big and beautiful red, white, pink and striped flowers are well known for this time of year. The giant bulb is easy to pot and grow in a brightly lit room. Just plant the bulb in a container, allowing the top third to remain out of the soil and water weekly. The stems are strong enough to stand tall and let the numerous flower heads bloom. The flowers last for a few weeks and can make a Christmas table decoration extra special. 

Bring some festive glam to your home and visit us in the store to pick up your Christmas plants.

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