The Wicor School Jack Sausage

Green-fingered pupils from Wicor Primary School have joined forces with the butchers at Garsons of Titchfield to create a new sausage using an ingredient foraged from the school grounds. The Wicor Jack Sausage has been made by Owton’s, which runs the butchery counter within the award-winning garden centre, using a wild herb called Jack by the Hedge, or Hedge Garlic, picked by the children.

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Young horticulturalists

The pork sausage will make its debut on the barbecue of the school’s summer fete on Saturday, July 12, and is also being be sold from the Owton’s counter within Garsons, with a percentage of profits going to school funds. “We are delighted to work with these young horticulturalists to produce such a delicious product using a unique, but native grown ingredient,” said John Harding, Owton’s general manager. “The herb gives just a hint of mustard and garlic and I am confident the sausage will be a popular feature on local barbecues this summer.”

Bringing the school and local businesses together

Garsons has a long-standing relationship with the Fareham-based school, providing seeds and growing advice to help develop the pupils’ award-winning garden which has been featured on BBC Two’s Gardener’s World and is currently part of the National Open Garden Scheme.


Headteacher Mark Wildman said: “The Wicor Jack Sausage is a fantastic project which brings the school and local businesses together to create a product which will be loved by the community. Horticulture is an integral part of the school’s environmental curriculum and pupils have enjoyed learning about, and foraging for, this native edible plant and seeing how it can be used as a food ingredient. It is a privilege to work with such an accredited butcher as Owton’s and for one of our established and respected partners, Garsons, to stock it.”

The Wicor Jack Sausage will be available from the Owton’s butchery counter in Garsons from now and for every kilo pack sold, £2 will go to school funds.

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