Proud to stock eco swimwear

Press release: Garsons Esher is one of the first shops in the country to stock a range of ecological swimwear made from abandoned fishing nets rescued from the oceans. The garden centre now has 12 different lines of the Ecolast swimwear from Zoggs which began life as waste material harmful to marine life.

“It is hard to imagine that this elegant range of swimwear started out as ghost fishing lines, old carpet and plastic waste,” says outdoor leisure supervisor Christian Darby. “It fits in perfectly with the Garsons ethos of reuse, recycle and reduce.”

Now available at Garsons

The waste material is rescued from the sea and saved from landfill through nationwide initiatives such as The Econyl Reclaiming Programme and is converted into regenerated nylon.

Available at Garsons in adult and children’s designs, the Ecolast material, a combination of 78% Econyl yarn and 22% Lycra, is said to be 15 times more resilient to chlorine than standard swimwear fabrics.

“As a family of growers, we know exactly how important it is to respect and protect our environment for future generations,” says Ben Thompson, Garsons director. “The idea of having swimwear made from discarded fishing nets which are harming marine life shows that something wonderful can come out of a negative and we are very proud to be one of the first to stock this range.” 

Video: Introducing Ecolast™: From Waste To Wear 

Garsons stock Zogg's Eco Swimwear

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