To help us all be more eco-conscious we strive to increase our range of sustainable and environmentally friendly product ranges, whilst adhering to our commitment of reducing our carbon emission by 5% year on year. In doing so, we hope to increase our positive impacts on the environment and to help our beautiful planet live, grow and thrive for future generations to come.

See this seasons sustainability led highlights below...


From sets that are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan, to cushions made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, we are always looking for the most innovative and sustainable outdoor leisure ranges. See below for some of our favourite eco-led furniture brands and materials.


A key furniture supplier, Bramblecrest, works with Ecologi, an environmentally focussed social-enterprise, to plant a tree for every furniture set that is sold. These trees help to combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are proud to support this carbon offset project and help contribute towards a sustainable future.


Bramblecrest and LG Outdoor impressively transform plastic bottle waste into luxury deep filled cushions. Their Eco cushion is made with yard spun from recycled plastic bottles which produces a hard-wearing season-proof material, perfect for outdoor use, whilst retaining comfort.



B-Bag Extreme Lounging cushions and bean bags are manufactured in the UK, with every cushion made in a factory in Yorkshire. Using UK-made brands is helping Garsons to offset our carbon emissions, and helps contribute towards reaching our goal of reducing carbon emissions by 5% year on year.



Supremo Leisure use premium recycled polyester rope, helping fight against industry waste that would have otherwise gone to landfills. The rope has been developed for marine use, making it suitable to withstand the wetter months, with high strength resistance and extreme durability to increase its longevity.



The wood used by Garden Impressions to make their furniture has been recycled, and is fully recyclable after it’s life span. They also use ‘Vironwood’ for their tabletops, a specially developed synthetic material, indistinguishable from wood. 'Vironwood' contains no harmful chemicals and is 100% recyclable, is strong, easy to clean, and UV / weather resistant.


We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with all packaging from furniture delivery being removed as part of our assembly service, of which we responsibly recycle where possible.



Sourcing plants locally, from nursery suppliers like Woodlark Nurseries, located less than 1 mile away from our Esher site, offers a host of benefits. Not only does it support valued local suppliers, but also reduces carbon emissions from transportation and ensures plants are better suited to local climate and soil conditions.

Additionally, sourcing from local suppliers often means healthier plants due to reduced stress from transportation and shorter time between growing and planting. 

We work closely with local and regional suppliers such as Lyewood Nurseries and Pepperpot Herbs in Hampshire, and and many more across the South of England who prioritize eco-friendly practices such as using peat-free compost, reducing chemical usage, implementing water conservation techniques, and recycling plant pots and trays.




We are committed to phasing out the use of peat as a growing media and are following and complying with Government guidelines. Key organisations from the horticultural sector and the Garden Centre Association, which includes independent garden centres just like us at Garsons, have all promised to end the sector’s use of peat, pledging to remove it from the retail market as early as 2025.

As a ‘green’ industry, we recognise the value of peat as a store of carbon and are in full support of the reduction and eventual total ban on using peat in our horticulture industry. We are working with suppliers to help achieve this and to promote organic and peat-free composts further. Encouragingly extraction from England’s peatlands has already been halved since 2011.

Much of our existing range of growing media products are enriched with recycled materials, and more peat-free alternatives are being introduced each year. We clearly highlight these products in our in-store displays and signage to help our customers easily select peat-free while shopping with us.



While most pests are useful and are part of the natural cycle, occasionally we do need to intervene. Many of our pest deterrent products consist of eco-certified elements to effectively manage and prevent pests sustainably. This includes environmentally friendly pest control sprays, natural slug deterrents such as, Slug Away Wool Pellets, reusable slug traps and pollinator friendly substances.

We also stock a range of innovative products such as ‘Moth box traps’, which use pheromone lures to attract  and trap the male box tree moths, helping control this serious pest, and Silent Roar, a garden border cat repellent made from lion manure!

Several of these products use recyclable, biodegradable and refillable packaging, helping to reduce the environmental impacts from plastic pollution. We encourage customers to use sustainable practices by providing a range of sustainable pest deterrent products, whilst allowing ecosystems to thrive.