In addition to compostable carrier bags, we encourage customers to use reusable bags for life. We offer our own Garsons 'Bag for Life' and wine carriers sustainably sourced and constructed from Juco, a durable blend of jute and cotton. We also offer recyclable paper plant sleeves and provide a wide range of boxes and packaging materials from our stock deliveries to be reused by customers.

Customers shopping at Owton's, our in-house butchers at Titchfield, can choose to have their meat and deli products packaged in 100% compostable trays and wrapped with paper instead of clingfilm. 



We have made the pledge to remove plastic punnets. We now offer complimentary bio-degradable cardboard punnets across 90% of the farm; rather than mass landfill, the remaining 10% of punnets are made up of previously ordered and pre-manufactured plastic punnets, which will soon be discontinued.


We have removed all plastic carrier bags from the till points and have swapped them for 100% compostable carrier bags, which can be re-used in the home for food-waste bins. Prior to this swap, we donated £6,722 to the Marine Conservation Society from the proceeds of our plastic carrier bag charge.


We welcome you to bring back any plastic plant pots or trays to our Garden Centre, where we will re-use or send for recycling. We continue to put pressure on our plant suppliers to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics and provide stock in recyclable taupe light-coloured pots. Visit for more information on recycling plant pots.