We mindfully seek and build relationships with suppliers that are active with their sustainability credentials. Our offering of eco-led products is ever-increasing. We have multiple products across all departments that are environmentally innovative and progressive.


We endeavour to stock plants that are grown by local nurseries such as Woodlark, Pepperpot, Lowaters, Evergreen and Lyewood, all local to our Garsons Esher and Garsons Titchfield locations. We also consciously continue to try and support those brands that provide plants in sustainable packaging. 


We offer a wide range of wildlife and pollinator friendly pest deterrent products, protecting your garden whilst being kind to the environment. We also offer products for the garden to help you with best-practice techniques, such as composters to save on landfill waste and water-butts to utilise rainwater for irrigation.

Garsons is committed to phasing out the use of peat

Garsons is committed to phasing out the use of peat as a growing media and are following and complying with Government guidelines.

Key organisations from the horticultural sector and the Garden Centre Association, which includes independent garden centres just like us at Garsons, have all promised to end the sector’s use of peat, pledging to remove it from the retail market as early as 2025.

As a ‘green’ industry, we recognise the value of peat as a store of carbon and are in full support of the reduction and eventual total ban on using peat in our horticulture industry. We are working with suppliers to help achieve this and to promote organic and peat-free composts further. Encouragingly extraction from England’s peatlands has already been halved since 2011.

Much of our existing range of growing media products are enriched with recycled materials, and more peat-free alternatives are being introduced each year. We clearly highlight these products in our in-store displays and signage to help our customers easily select peat-free while shopping with us.


Many of our ranges are natural-based products that haven't been tested on animals and are vegan-friendly. We encourage supporting 'Made in the UK' brands throughout all departments, including toiletries, bathroom and laundry ranges and a range of eco-cleaning solutions.


We believe firmly in offering products from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. We ensure our wooden furniture is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and many of our ranges are made from recycled or sustainable materials, such as Bramlecrest's Eco-Cushions, which are made from recycled plastic bottles.


We stock many varieties of durable and reusable water bottles, coffee cups and food-preserving containers and solutions, such as ocean-friendly plastic-free Bee’s Wrap and Bamboo products.
We also offer a range of environmentally-friendly kitchen cleaners and cleaning brushes by Greener Cleaner.


We are proud to stock and support environmentally friendly toy brands whose philosophy is sustainable play, such as Plan Toys, Orange Tree Toys and Plus-Plus, championing brands that use eco-friendly materials. We even stock sustainable plush toys such as Keel Toys, whose plush animal toys are made from 100% recycled plastic.


We always look to promote innovative clothing brands that use sustainable and ethical practices, and that look good whilst being kinder to the planet. Some notable examples are our ever-popular range of bamboo socks, made from sustainably sourced bamboo fibres, and Seasalt, who strive to use organic cotton and FSC mix fibres in their clothing ranges.


We always seek independent local food and drink suppliers, and where possible stock our Esher Farm Shop with produce picked fresh from our farm - the ultimate in low food miles! We look for products with Fairtrade qualities and environmentally friendly packaging, such as Two Farmers crisps which come in a 100% compostable packet. 


The Orangery Tea House restaurants continuously look to source recyclable options for takeaway offerings, with smoothie and coffee cups being 100% compostable, and all plastic straws have been changed to paper straws. The kitchen always tries to use seasonal produce and local suppliers, such as our farm's fresh strawberries.


Christmas is no exception - plastic-free packaging, recycled glass, glitter-free, recyclable wrap, and sustainably sourced materials are just some of the elements you’ll find across the Christmas department. This includes crackers, greeting cards, and wrap as well as long-lasting decorations for you to enjoy now and years to come.