Plant of the Month: July

Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous perennials come into their own during the summer and return year after year, making them fantastic value. We have a beautiful range at Garsons to fill your flower borders and grow in containers.

Perennials often disappear over the colder months, but their roots remain and send up new growth every year. Once the roots are established, they don’t need as much water as annual plants. They’re reliable and often take little care.

Bees and butterflies often flock to flowering perennials. Some of them provide long-lasting displays, with a succession of flowers that open over several months, so you can help wildlife at the same time as bringing colour to your garden.

Verbena bonariensis is a perennial that fits well in either a cottage garden or a more contemporary setting. Its lavender-purple flowers last for months and are loved by butterflies and bees. It prefers full sun and in the right conditions can grow tall and wide. Its arching branches lack dense foliage, so the verbena can mingle with other plants and bring a softening effect to garden borders.

The gorgeous agapanthus or African lily is bold and architectural, with tall stems, topped with intensely coloured flowers, usually in shades of blue. The agapanthus is great for colour in the second half of summer. Like the verbena, it fits easily into a modern or traditional garden setting, as well as looking good in pots. Plant it in well-drained soil and position in full sun to encourage flowering.

Rudbeckia gives outstanding garden performance with its large daisy-like yellow flowers. It’s a hardy perennial that prefers full sun or partial shade and spreads to about 60cm wide. The rudbeckia is easy to care for and its vibrant flowers keep blooming through the autumn.

Ornamental grasses often go well with the above perennials. With so many to choose from, you can select perennials that flower through the seasons and look lovely while supporting bees and butterflies in your garden.

Herbaceous perennials are 20% off for Garsons card holders in July, so come and view the stunning range!

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