Gardening by Month - April

Welcome in spring and get the growing season off to a great start. It’s a rewarding time of year to be gardening since many plants are bursting into life. Show your garden some love this month to get everything in shape for the summer. Garsons has a winning selection of plants for you to choose from.

Plant spring bedding plants such as primroses, violas, pansies and wallflowers. They add instant colour and are great for filling in gaps at the front of your flower borders or in pots. Remember to water all your new additions regularly.

This is an ideal time for planting flowering shrubs so they can become established before the heat of summer. The lilac is a beautiful addition to the garden and easy to care for. Lilac shrubs have fragrant blooms in purple or white. The heavenly scent will fill your garden with fragrance on warm spring days. It likes plenty of sun and well-drained soil. Make sure you pick a spot where it has room to grow. Prune it after flowering to promote healthy growth. With a little care, you’ll appreciate your lilac for years to come.

Now is also a good time to plant roses, so have a browse round the selection. Rhododendrons are at their best and you can get the full spectrum of colours at Garsons.

Before planting anything new, prepare the soil by removing weeds and adding compost or manure. When planting, dig a hole that’s twice as big as the root ball and be generous with compost in the planting hole. If the soil is clay or heavy, mix in some horticultural grit to help with drainage.

Stock up on compost to suit your choice of plants. Plants that like to be well-drained will benefit from a handful of horticultural grit mixed in the planting hole with compost. Be water-wise by adding a layer of mulch on top to help the soil retain water. You can always ask for advice in the Garden Centre.

You can’t beat fresh produce from your garden. It’s a lovely way to encourage green fingers and healthy eating in children. If you don’t have much space, opt for container-grown produce. Our plants of the month are herbs, so Garsons card holders have 20% off the herb range in the Garden Centre during April.

Until next month, enjoy your spring garden.

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