Gardening by Month - March

The late winter weather has been a washout, but gardens are beginning to spring into life. If you avoid any late frosts, it’s a good time to establish new shrubs. The gardening experts at Garsons Garden Centre have chosen their favourite plants for a burst of spring colour.

If you would like a fragrant shrub, the daphne is a great choice. Make the most of its heady scent by keeping it close to the house. It establishes best when planted in spring, and prefers well-drained and moisture-retentive soil. Give it an extra layer of mulch after planting since it doesn’t like to dry out.

Some varieties of camellia start flowering in March. This glossy evergreen shrub has blooms that range from white to pink through to deep red. The camellia is another woodland shrub that grows best in ericaceous soil in a shady position.

If you don’t have space for a large shrub, choose a climbing plant to scramble up a wall or fence, such as a climbing rose. Japanese maples are an elegant choice for a small garden or courtyard. They can create a focal point, or overhang a pond or water feature. They look stunning in a large container.

Fill patio pots and flower beds with cheerful primulas and polyanthus. They flower for weeks on end to brighten your outlook on dull days. Choose the native primrose in soft shades of yellow to plant in your flower borders. In the right shady spot, they can appear year after year and over time can spread.

Get into the ‘little and often’ habit in the garden. Spend time here and there pulling up weeds and clearing away broken branches and dead foliage. It smartens up the garden and helps prepare for the growing season.

Whatever your gardening plans, you can count on Garsons for the best quality plants along with everything you need to for the growing season such as gardening tools, gardening gloves, compost and containers. You can also make a head start on the spring by choosing ready-made planters filled with colour for an instant lift.

It’s Mother’s Day on 10th March, so drop in to Garsons for all kinds of gift inspiration, including houseplants, outdoor plants, and ready-made planters of spring flowers.

Until next month, happy gardening.

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