The unique characteristics of Orchids


It is precisely the characteristics of orchids that make them so popular as houseplants. No wonder, because they can do more than just look good. So if you are looking for special and unusual houseplants with beautiful flowers, you have come to the right place with the orchid.

Not only their appearance is one of the special features of orchids. It also has many other properties that make it an exceptional houseplant. And probably it is precisely these characteristics that simply do not let them go out of style. Orchids are the undisputed masters of indoor plants.

Peculiarities of orchids in origin

It is their natural habitat that makes orchids special. Because these plants do not come from the most exotic soils in the world, but literally fell from the sky. They might not be liked directly, but they were harvested at lofty heights. Because one of the special features of orchids is that they are so-called epiphytes. What that means? They do not grow in the ground like their neighbors, but on other plants. With preference on trees in the tropical rain forest. Because here they get exactly the sunshine and shady spots they need. There are roots that cling to the branches and twigs of the trees and other roots hang in the air. Another special feature of orchids is that they practically feed from the air. What is used is what is deposited on the branches of decayed plant parts or carried by the rain. In addition to species that grow on trees, there are also orchids that grow on the ground and even on rocks.

Peculiarities of orchids in appearance

It is also their appearance that makes orchids special. No wonder these plants are so popular as houseplants. They bring a touch of the exotic into the house and are always very trendy. After all, an orchid never goes out of style, right? It is their flowers that make orchids special. Because orchids have a characteristic that no other plant family has. If the orchid has buds, they point upwards. However, when the buds open, the flowers turn around 180 degrees downwards. The largest flowers of orchids can grow up to 20 centimeters in size, while the smallest flowers are just a few millimeters in size. What is special about the flowers? They are mirror symmetrical. Perhaps it is precisely this perfection that makes these plants so appealing. Because orchids are very popular with plant experts in particular and bring a touch of simple elegance to every living room. When it comes to the special features of orchids, the viewer of this plant is guaranteed never to get bored.

Peculiarities of orchids in care

Many people shy away from orchids because they are generally considered to be very high-maintenance and demanding. That's true, but with a few tips and tricks for care, you can adapt well to the peculiarities of orchids and give them a beautiful home. Starting with the location, which should be bright but not in full sun. The substrate should be loose and well drained, coarse and always fresh. Special orchid soil has proven to be the best and is optimally dependent on the needs of the plants. It is important to know which orchids you are dealing with, so that you know the special features of the orchid and what special care it needs. If you follow the right tips, like to use a spray bottle, repot and fertilize regularly and keep the plant free of pests and diseases, you will enjoy it for a long time. And it is probably precisely these special features of orchids that magically attract many plant lovers.

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