Thank you to everyone that entered all our Christmas competitions, and for all your wonderfully festive entries!
We wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and look at our events page for plenty more chances to win prizes in the New Year.


A massive well done to our Schleich reindeer colouring competition winners:

Charlotte, Isla, Scott, Florence, Margot, Reuben, Anna-Beatriche, Amelia, Frank, Max, Matilda, Rosie, Ralph, and Lucia.
We know your reindeer prizes will enjoy their new homes!


All of your amazing Christmas tree colouring entries got us into the festive spirit! Our wonderful winners were:

Otto, Chloe, Anna, Sophie, Victoria, Lucas, William, Annabelle, Violet, Theo, and Oscar.

Enjoy your well-deserved prizes!


Congratulations to Elsie at Titchfield and Theo at Esher who correctly guessed the number of chocolate coins in the jar.

In case you were wondering, it was 193 at Esher and 197 chocolate coins at Titchfield.

We hope you enjoy your chocolate!



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