Plant of the Month: November

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti and succulents are Garsons Plants of the Month. Add interest to your home with these diverse houseplants. They’re incredibly low maintenance and often take up little space. Most cacti and succulents like a warm, sunny windowsill where they can bask in sunlight while you admire them. They’re the perfect plant for novice gardeners.

Cacti and succulents can thrive in small pots or hanging containers, making the most of a compact space. They go well together, especially as most prefer sunshine and little water, so you can plant them in the same container, or cluster small pots together. Some succulents and cacti can flower in the right conditions. Even if they don’t flower, their unique shapes and textures give them a stand-out quality.

Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Aloe vera is a striking succulent, known for its healing properties.
  • Crassula, also known as jade, often has thick glossy leaves that look good all year round.
  • Echeveria is a small, pretty succulent with rosettes of leaves.
  • Kalanchoe, also known as Flaming Katy, has long lasting flowers and prefers bright indirect light.

As mentioned, cacti and succulents need little water because they are used to infrequent rain in their natural habitat. This is especially true in the winter when most houseplants are dormant. They like good drainage so that they’re not sitting in water. With this in mind, only water them when the soil dries out. If you notice them starting to wilt or wrinkle, give them a good drink.

Come and check out the selection of indoor succulents and cacti at Garsons and choose your favourites. There’s 20% off the range for Garsons cardholders this month.

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