Gardening by Month - October

Autumn is a spectacular time of year for nature, and with an addition or two in your garden, you can enjoy wonderful autumnal colour.

Many sedum varieties come into their own in autumn, including ‘Autumn Joy’ which has clusters of mellow red flowers. They are drought tolerant, low maintenance and will usually spread. The aster comes in a range of late season colours and like the sedum, it attracts pollinators.

Look out for perennials that form attractive seed heads that can be enjoyed right through autumn and into winter. Favourites include cone flowers, such as echinacea and rudbeckia, along with globe thistle, Agapanthus and ornamental grasses. Visit Garsons to discover a wonderful selection of late perennials that keep colour and interest going well into winter.

October is a lovely month to enjoy the outdoors now the weather is cooler. It’s good to get out in the fresh air and tidy the garden. Cut back fading flowering plants. Get rid of weeds and dead leaves. Cut back hedges, and if you have a pond, remove dead leaves through the season.

If you haven’t already chosen some spring bulbs, come and get them while it’s still the planting season for bulbs. Plant them in the ground or in pots as soon as you can.

The soil is still warm for planting shrubs, which encourages root growth. Our plants of the month for October are conifers, so fill in a spare spot in your garden to add interest.

Add mulch and well-rotted manure to your soil. Mulching around plants can help retain moisture and regulate temperature.

Trim hedges and bay trees and cut back perennial plants that have ended their flowering season.

Provide food, water and shelter for wildlife. Check out the range of wildlife habitats, along with bird baths, bird tables and feeders at Garsons. Keep some of your garden a little wild to provide habitats.

Until next month, enjoy your autumnal garden.

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