Gardening by Month - September

As we move into autumn, enjoy the mellow weather and get your garden in shape after the summer growth. Now is a great time to show it some TLC before the days turns chillier.

The soil is warm from the summer, making it a good time for planting. Take advantage of 20% off our plants of the month, which for September are shrubs. We have a fantastic selection to suit every space and situation.

When planting a shrub, soak it first in its plastic pot in a bucket of water for about an hour. Dig a planting hole that’s bigger and deeper than the root ball of the plant. Add a generous layer of compost to the base of the hole. You can also mix in horticultural grit to help with drainage. Once planted, firm your shrub in to get rid of air pockets around the roots, which can lead to rot and the plant moving around in the wind. You might want to add a stake to help it grow upright and to anchor it during strong winds. Remember to water all your new additions during dry spells.

Other jobs for September:

  • Tidy up plants by trimming back faded blooms along with old leaves and branches.
  • Trim lavender with shears. It’s a quick and easy job to remove the long flower stems and shape the foliage so it continues to look good.
  • Prune fruit bushes such as blackcurrant and raspberry.
  • Use a spring tine rake on your lawn to remove any dead grass from the early summer drought. Aerate it with a garden fork to ease the compacted soil. Either apply an autumn lawn feed or overseed with grass seeds. It will soon bounce back.
  • Add organic manure to your garden borders to enrich the soil.
  • Keep deadheading roses and they should continue flowering into the autumn.
  • Lastly, choose your favourite bulbs from the colourful selection in the garden centre. Plant them this month and you can look forward to them springing up early next year.

Enjoy your September garden. Until next month, happy gardening!

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