Plant of the Month: July

Herbaceous Perennials

Our Plants of the Month are herbaceous perennials. This diverse range can flower reliably every year. If you have gaps in your garden from spring flowers that have lost their bloom, fill them with summer perennials. When summer turns to autumn, many of them will keep the colour and interest going.

Some of our enduring garden favourites are herbaceous perennials, offering charm and longevity. They tend to be hardy and low maintenance, making them an easy choice for those of us with busy lives. Once established, they return year after year. Some are evergreen, others die back and then reappear next spring. They mix well in garden borders and can be grown in pots.

The echinacea is a perennial with tall, daisy-like flowers from July and August. It likes a sunny position with well-drained soil. Deadhead the flowers to encourage new blooms.

The Japanese anemone flowers in shades of pink or white from August to October. It prefers some sunshine with partial shade. If you plant it in full sun, remember to keep the soil moist, as it doesn’t like to dry out.

The hardy geranium is a lovely ground cover plant with blue flowers that can last from June right through to November. Cut it back after flowering for another flush of blooms. The hardy geranium prefers sun or dappled shade with well-drained soil.

Autumnal perennials include the Aster, sedum and chrysanthemum. Plant them now so they can become established over the summer.

To plant your herbaceous perennial, give it a soak first and choose a suitable position with well-drained soil. Dig a hole larger than the plant’s root ball and add compost or well-rotted manure. Fill soil in around the plant, firm it in and water well. Keep it watered during the first season to help it become established. Mulch around the base of the plant to suppress weeds and help it conserve water.

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