Top 10 summer flower bulbs to grow

These top 10 summer flower bulbs to grow will brighten up any garden. You’ll have a colourful flowering garden for summer, from pots and containers to beds and borders. Bulbs are easy to plant and grow and will help you grow not just a colourful garden but also a wildlife-friendly garden. There are many bulbs that will attract pollinators to any size space.

When to plant summer-flowering bulbs?

Summer bulbs need warm weather and warm soil to establish and grow a root system. The ideal soil temperature needs to be around 13°C degrees. Summer flowering bulbs are usually planted in springtime, from March to May, so you still have plenty of time to get yours. Don’t try to plant summer bulbs earlier to avoid them from not growing or root rot. An easy rule to remember is if it’s time for your tomatoes to go outdoors, it is also time to plant summer bulbs.

Top-10 summer-flowering bulbs

  1. Gladioli 
    From bright, colourful blousy blooms to the more delicate variety, there are many Gladioli to choose from. The tall stems may need support, but they bring such colourful flower spikes to any garden and also make excellent cut flowers. 
  2. Liatris
    The tall spikes look like blazing stars and bloom for an extended period in the summertime. They are excellent as cut flowers, and they attract pollinators, so expect plenty of bees buzzing around and butterflies visiting your garden. 
  3. Calla Lily 
    The smooth foliage and elegant blooms bring some class into the garden. There are many colours from classic and calming white to vibrant pink, orange and dark purple. 
  4. Canna Lily 
    These are tall, tropical-looking plants with green or dark foliage and bright orange, yellow or red flowers. If you want an exotic look, these are the plants to include in your garden. 
  5. Caladium 
    While this doesn’t flower as such, the magnificent foliage is bright and colourful, enough to compete with any flowering plant. 
  6. Allium 
    The ball-shaped flower heads are mainly made up of tiny star-shaped flowers. There are various shades of lilac, some green and even white. They bring charm and fun to a garden, plus they grow well in pots. Pollinators love them. 
  7. Pineapple Lily 
    Eucomis comosa has an uncanny resemblance to a pineapple. It also flowers in a pot or a border throughout summer and adds a summery tropical feel. 
  8. Oxalis 
    Oxalis regnellii has stunning butterfly-shaped foliage and delicate white and pinkish flowers. They can grow beautifully in a pot, so it’s perfect for container gardening. 
  9. Gloriosa
    Stunning flowers of various bright colours such as vibrant pink, orange and yellow open up on tall climbing stems. The flowers look exotic and are sure to get anyone who sees them to comment.  
  10. Crocosmia 
    An easy plant to grow that flowers for a long time throughout the summer. Crocosmia has fiery coloured flowers in yellow, red and orange. The flowers arch on the end of the stem and look slightly similar to Freesia flowers. Stunning as cut flowers. 

We have many flowering bulbs for you to choose from when you visit us in the store. 

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