Top 5 houseplants that clean the air


These top 5 houseplants that clean the air are great plants to have in your home or office to help clear the air of common toxins that we are all subjected to from modern-day living. NASA was the first to study clean air with houseplants in the 1980s, and they found many able to absorb toxins at quite a pace! Some will even continue to do so overnight. Plants really are fantastic!

Five houseplants that clean the air

  1. Pothos (Devils ivy): One of the easiest plants to grow in any home. The Pothos is a trailing plant and can be propagated easily by cuttings. Instead of trailing, they can, even with support, grow up the wall and around the tops of cupboards for maximum green effect. Ranging from darker green foliage to variegated foliage, they can reduce formaldehyde and benzene along with more toxins from your home. A great plant to clear toxins.
  2. Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant): Grown in many households in the 1970s, the spider plant never goes out of fashion! Another houseplant needs very little care and produces lots of ‘spiderettes’. These can be propagated by potting up for even more free plants. They filter out harmful toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, so they do a great job cleaning the air.
  3. Spathiphyllum (Peace lily): The classic and popular white flowers make the peace lily instantly recognisable. Needing very little care but a little more watering than the previous two, you will know it is time to water it if you spot it wilting. Not only is it a pretty plant, but it is also working hard to clear the air of toxins, including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, to name a few.
  4. Sansevieria (Mother in laws tongue): There is another well-loved houseplant that no home should be without. They are used frequently in office spaces due to how easy they are to care for. Also called the snake plant, they are one of the toughest houseplants. The Sansevieria is a perfect plant for beginner houseplant enthusiasts and anyone who simply forgets to water plants! One of these can clear the air of numerous toxins in the home or office, as found in the NASA clean air study.
  5. Hedera helix (English ivy): Ivy is more commonly recognised as an outdoor plant, but they are perfect trailing houseplants that remove many toxins from home. Happy growing in shade or sun, with plain or variegated foliage, they can live for many years in a house doing an excellent job of cleansing the air for you too. 

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