Keep your garden paths looking good

Keep your garden paths looking good

You can keep your garden paths looking good in many ways, from cleaning to even planting and other ideas in between! It is important to keep pathways looking good and clean, and clear for your and visitors' safety, so you don’t trip or slip as you are wandering along your path through your garden or up your driveway. This is how we recommend your paths look the best they can all year. 

Keep your garden paths looking good with neat edges 

Having some unruly areas in your garden is great for wildlife, but around pathways, if you have plants or grass growing over the edges, it can mean the pathway becomes narrow. You could trip on stems or slip-on decomposing plant material. Plus, there may well be some slugs and snails hiding underneath. Keeping the edges around your pathways neat regularly can help keep the path looking great all year around. 

Fill in the gaps to keep your garden paths looking good 

Some garden paths will have weeds popping up between paving stones or stepping stones, even in the cracks of wooden paths. Keep on top of weeding to keep everything neat and tidy, but if you want to make the most of your space and you have a room without making it a trip hazard, why not plant in-between your paving stones. Creeping Thyme is a favourite as it is low growing, pollinators love it, and it looks so pretty. You will still be able to keep it neat with enough space for you to walk along the path just with regular light pruning - don’t forget to use what you prune!

Keep your garden paths looking good and clean 

Clean garden paths not only look good but can also keep slippery material away, dirt and even algae. Sweep the pathway frequently, and if you can scrub it too, that can also be helpful. Smaller paths may only need a good scrubbing brush, warm water and washing up liquid. Larger areas may need to be pressure washed to keep them clean. 

Line with pots to keep your garden paths looking good. 

If you have a wide path or wide steps and space allows, lining the edges on each side of your path with containers full of your favourite plants can be a great way to keep the path looking great, enticing to walk along and fit even more plants in your garden! For low maintenance and to attract pollinators, lots of herbs can be a great choice, not just as they look pretty but they will be productive and fragrant as well. You’ll be walking up to your garden path frequently to check them out! 

Spruce up your pathways with brushes, tools, containers and plants from our range in store. 

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