Gifting to our local community

In November 2020 Garsons Titchfield had the pleasure of donating and delivering stock to The Wynton Way Horticultural Site and Gardens Day Centre in Fareham. The items donated enabled many of the centre’s service users to choose and send a gift to their friends who were unable to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions. Some of the larger stock items were used in a virtual raffle for all service users and their families to enjoy. The centre received a subsequent delivery of our remaining Christmas stock which will be used for the Christmas 2021 fundraising event.

Horticultural training resources

Our donation was gratefully received by The Wynton Way Horticultural Site and Gardens Day Centre, which supports adults with additional needs and provides horticultural training resources. The site is situated on a ¾ acre plot with a bungalow and fully accessible kitchen, grounds with polytunnels, greenhouses and allotments. People are able to enjoy the hands-on practical experience with staff trained to provide and assess for a City and Guilds certificate in horticulture.


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