Cost effective vegetables to grow

Cost effective vegetables to grow

Think about cost effective vegetables to grow, so not only will your kitchen garden be thriving and full of produce, but you will be sure to save plenty of money as well. Purchasing fruit and vegetables from the supermarket can soon add up, but sowing and growing from seed can save plenty of money and be full of fun as you soak up the best of gardening. We have put together this list of vegetables that you can grow easily in your garden and will provide you with plenty of crops. Some are even hard to find in the supermarket! 

Vegetables you can grow easily in your garden

1. Courgettes and Pumpkins

Sow squash seeds, and you are sure to get great germination rates, and as they are easy to grow, you can grow them just about anywhere. Courgettes will keep coming all summer long into autumn and are superb value, full of nutrition and easy to cook with. Pumpkins last ages in storage and can provide you with a lot of autumn and winter food. 

2. Asparagus 

The spears of delicious and nutritious asparagus can be expensive to purchase from the shops. Hence, creating an asparagus bed is a great way to ensure you have the seasonal goodness of these well sought after vegetables. Plant crowns, and although you will need to wait until year two or even three for a full harvest, it is definitely worth the wait. 

3. Swiss chard 

Probably the easiest leafy greens to grow. Sow seeds; they germinate well and will grow in abundance in the garden or allotment. They can grow in pots and containers as well. If you let some go to seed, you can collect the seeds for the following year or allow them to self-seed and grow where they want to! 

4. Kale 

With the many varieties available and the tasty green leaves, Kale is an easy crop to grow and looks great in an autumn/winter garden. Keep the slugs and pigeons off it with some netting, and you will be with a long supply of vegetables for many months. 

5. Lettuce

Harvesting lettuce from pots, containers or in beds and borders is satisfying and so easy! Sow seeds successionally every couple of weeks from spring to late summer, then choose winter varieties to get you through the winter, and you can grow almost all year round! 

6. Beetroot

Another easy crop to grow that will supply you with plenty of beets that you can pickle and store for a long time. Try Rainbow beetroot for orange and white layers in your jar of pickled beets for an extra special rainbow colour of goodness. 

Come in store to find all the seeds you need for cost effective vegetable growing. 

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