In 2023, Garsons invested heavily in solar energy, with over 700 solar panels being installed at our Titchfield site and 600 at Esher, these panels were fitted across the rooftops of many of our retail buildings. The cutting-edge Solarwatt panels will provide up to 25% of our electricity requirements by harvesting the sun's energy.

Garsons Esher’s local council, Elmbridge, has supported this investment, granting planning permission and offering encouragement in the project's development stages for our Surrey site.

Garsons commissioned this exciting project with Eco Energy Environment, who installed high-quality SOLARWATT panels at both Garsons sites.

The precious solar cells are encapsulated on both sides with robust toughened glass, making them significantly more durable than conventional foil solar panels. Solarwatt panels are designed and tested for resilience to the highest European manufacturing standards and offer optimal protection against all weather conditions and mechanical stresses, so they should continue generating sustainable energy for us at Garsons long into the future.

"With over 150 years of our family background in growing, we know exactly how important it is to respect and protect our environment. We continue to research and invest in green energy sources and endeavour to reduce our environmental impact. The installation of solar panels at both our stores is a big step and a true commitment in moving us forward, in which sustainability is our top focus and priority.”  
Alan Richardson, Director.


In partnership with Eco Energy Environment and Solarwatt - read and watch our inspiring case study 'Solarwatt, sowing the seeds for a sustainable future.'