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Discover the amazing natural world in a contemporary setting at THE NATURE COLLECTIVE. This lifestyle concept store celebrates fascinating fauna and flora from around the world.

THE NATURE COLLECTIVE store can be found by going through the planteria department at Garsons, Titchfield, Hampshire. You will find exotic tropical fish, marine organisms, marvellous reptiles and amphibians as well as stunning tropical plants and water features for your garden.

There are also leading brands and cutting-edge products for all aspects of aquatics and reptile keeping. Decorative water features, pond plants and water gardening are all catered for. The team, headed by in-house designer Samuel Baker, presents beautiful and inspiring displays encompassing water gardening, aquascaping, reef keeping and terraria.



The Nature Collective at Garsons Titchfield, Fontley Road, Titchfield, Hampshire PO15 6QX
01372 234999

Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 10:30 - 16:30