Food Cupboard



Keep your cupboards stocked with our delicious grocery items.

We have a wide range of flavoursome jams, chutneys and preserves. We stock well-known brands such as Tracklements from Wiltshire - 'a must for mustard' - and condiments and chutneys from Bay Tree, Wooden Spoon and our own luxury Garsons pickles and preserves.

Be sure to try Garsons Honey, made from bees who live in hives on our farm. Local honey is believed to help hayfever, strengthen immune systems, aid digestive health, plus it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

We have a range of delightfully satisfying snacks, including Two Farmers hand-cooked crisps and Gran Luchito tortilla chips, perfect for a Mexican nacho night. We are proud to stock natural and delicious Brown Bag Crisps, made in Surrey. This independent brand has recyclable crisp packets, or they will happily take them off your hands by free-posage back to their HQ! Perrins Fine Foods can also be found in our Farm Shop, offering delicious nut mixes and chocolate covered dried fruit and nut nibbles.

We’re a stockist of The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese and savoury crackers to accompany delicious cheese boards and the large range of chutneys and chilli jams.  

You’ll find everything you need for baking and cooking with flour, yeast and sugar, as well as vegan-friendly and allergen-free cake mixes from Creative Nature. Made from high-quality ingredients, their baking mixes are both healthy and tasty!

Tenuta Marmorelle brings a taste of Italy to your kitchen, with bronze drawn slow dried pasta and fresh-tasting full-flavoured sauce providing you with authentic essential Italian staples.

Let's not forget the selection of tinned goods from Suma Wholefoods, offering high-quality beans and pulses, all with natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. And our wide range of dried herbs, spices and seasonings will help keep your store cupboard fully stocked and your home cooking scrumptiously flavoursome.