COOK & Frozen



These award-winning frozen meals and puddings are made like you would at home. You'll find a wide selection of COOK cuisine from family favourites like Lasagne Al Forno and Classic Fish Pie to flavoursome Moroccan Harrisa Chicken and Thai and Indian inspired curries. Available in a selection of portion sizes, COOK is ideal for big family get-togethers, cosy nights in and individual dishes for a quick but wholesome meal.

As well as COOK, you'll also find a delicious range of premium English ice creams from brands such as Salcombe Dairy and Hackney Gelato. You'll be spoilt for choice with our wide range of individual ice creams and lollies. Choose from household favourites such as Mars ice cream, Feast and Fab. There is also organic 100% natural fruit ice lollies from LICKALIX, complete with compostable packaging which are good for you and the planet!   

We also have a selection of frozen Danish pastries and loose berries which are perfect for a spontaneous weekend brunch.