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Flourishing Veg Boxes at Wicor Primary School

Flourishing Veg Boxes at Wicor Primary School

Garsons is very pleased to be once again supporting Wicor Primary School in Portchester by providing vouchers as part of the Growing with Schools scheme. Garsons has actively supported the school for several years helping them to achieve some amazing outdoor areas such as their allotment where they grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

With their Garsons vouchers this year, the school has purchased compost, seeds and seed potatoes for their allotment.  The allotment is so productive it allows the school to sell vegetable boxes back to their local community, helping to promote healthy eating and raise money for the school.  

The compost has also enabled the school to pot the Canna ‘Chou Chou’ plant as the pupils are Plant Guardians on behalf of the Plant Heritage.

Growing plants and the environment plays a big part in the learning experience for  all the children at Wicor Primary School and is linked back to the curriculum. This year the children have designed and created a Coastal Garden made up of shingle, pebbles, shells and many different grasses.  The main feature of the garden is the boardwalk made from pallets which Garsons kindly donated to the school.  Feather grass has been planted next to boardwalk for the children to run their fingers through when running from one side to the other! 

It is lovely to see the children taking an active role in creating the gardens and allotment and enjoying the great outdoors. Garsons is proud to be supporting Wicor Primary School!