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Environmental Policy

Environmental and Sustainability at Garsons Esher

Garsons is committed to using sustainable and green practices and materials wherever possible – as a family of growers, we know exactly how important it is to respect and protect our environment. So when we designed our new buildings at Garsons Esher, we incorporated lots of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features to ensure we continue to take care of the planet for years to come.

1.    Low-energy underfloor heating

With our large spaces, we needed a low-maintenance, cost-effective way to heat them. Our underfloor heating system heats the whole space evenly from the ground up.

2.    Thermal mass

Concrete used in the new buildings helps store heat, so that there is minimal temperature variation from day to night.

3.    Ground source heat pump

We've laid coils of water-filled plastic pipe under the ground in our farm fields, which provide a year-round source of heat and energy for our new buildings.

4.    Gas-fired condensing boiler
Our new highly efficient boilers top up the underfloor heating system and hot water in our restrooms as needed.

5.    Building envelope

We've used energy-efficient glass and an insulated construction in the new buildings to minimise heat loss and gain, including solar-control glazing in the restaurant.

6.    Automated natural ventilation

Automated opening roof vents and windows along with large folding doors are linked to a weather station to manage natural ventilation intuitively.

7.    Natural and low-energy lighting

We've designed the buildings to make the most of natural daylight and added energy-efficient sensor-controlled lighting to light the space as necessary.

At Garsons we recognise our responsibility to minimise the company's impact on the environment. From our earliest days of farming in Esher, we have practised environmentally-friendly policies. Garsons will continue to have a responsible and sustainable approach to our environmental commitment.

The following are some of the initiatives we are committed to on an ongoing basis at both sites:

• Where possible, we use materials that are renewable, recycled or recyclable.

• To reduce waste and environmental impact charges for carrier bags apply at Garsons Garden Centre and Farm Shop. All proceeds will be donated to Marine Conservation Society.

• All waste is kept to a minimum, cardboard is collected for recycling, other materials will be targeted for recycling as services become available.

• We aim to promote plants and other items which have environmental benefits.

• Statutory requirements are exceeded where possible.

• There is a programme of reducing electricity usage by replacing older style lighting.

• The Garden Centre heating system is computer controlled to give optimum efficiency and minimise fuel use.

• Environmental aspects are taken into account in the design and management of our premises.

• ‘Low food miles’ and ‘low plant miles’ schemes are in operation, in which products are sourced from local suppliers.

• Jobs are advertised in local papers to encourage employees from the local area, who do not have to travel long distances.

• All our staff are encouraged to share responsibility for good environmental practices.

Garsons at Esher

• Garsons Farming Policy describes the company mission of safe, high quality production combined with sustainable methods and long term commitment to environmentally and socially responsible farming.

• Water usage has halved in the past 15 years. Irrigation for garden centre plants and the farm is provided from the River Mole and methods are used to retain moisture and reduce evaporation.