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Meet the Team

Here at Garsons we are proud of our committed and highly experienced team.  Many staff have been working at Garsons for many years and continuously share their wealth of knowledge to other team members and customers.

Here are some of our Managers that you would meet at Garsons.


Nikki Macey

Assistant Manager, Garden Centre, Esher

Part of her daily role is to oversee the running of the gift department, outdoor leisure, Christmas and Customer Service. Nikki added that her ‘days vary, with one day never the same as the rest.’ Being relatively new to her role Nikki continued ‘I am still learning and I can honestly say I learn something new most days’.


Chris Brown

Assistant Manager, Garden Centre, Esher

Chris has seen many changes at Garsons over the years as he has been here since 1995. As well as overseeing the day to day running of the Garden Centre and teams in various departments, one of his duties is interviewing new staff.  Chris is also responsible for ensuring Garsons meet their recycling objectives, of which he is pleased to report that Garsons  do not send  paper or metal to land fill. Chris’s most enjoyable part of his day is ‘When the sun is out, we are busy and everything is running smoothly’.


Nick Ruddle

Nicholas Ruddle

Assistant Manager, Farm Shop, Esher

Nick has joined the Farm Shop 15 years ago. Similar to Nigel, he also has an early start at around 6am with weekly visits to Covent Garden. As an Assistant Manager, Nick is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the store including sales, staff and stock management. “My favourite season is the summer when we have fresh produce coming in from the Pick Your Own Farm. We start with stocking Garsons asparagus at the end of April and continue throughout the summer with more than 20 different fruit and vegetables picked that very morning on the farm!”


Steve Gallimore

Farm Manager, Pick Your Own Farm, Esher

Steve has been our Farm Manager since 2007. Depending on the time of year can dictate how busy Steve’s day will be. Spring, being the start of busy season, preparing the farm for Pick Your Own Season, each day can be quite varied. British weather plays a big part on Steve’s day! Work on the farm is all year round, with additional responsibilities including, crop planning and budget planning for the year. "My favourite part of my job is planning the crops for the coming season".


Lauren Bennett

Assistant Manager, Garden Centre, Titchfield

I’ve been in my role since August 2016. My role includes overseeing the Gifts department, the Farm Shop, and the Seasonal department, which means that my days are entirely varied. I’ve also been responsible for recruiting new team members. This is an aspect of my role that I thoroughly enjoy. I love finding great people to add to an already fantastic team.


Damion Barrows

Assistant Manager, Garden Centre, Titchfield

Within my role I oversee the day to day running of the garden centre and different teams within departments including Plant Area and Garden Care. Being fairly new in my role I’m on a journey of learning which is great as I learn new things as each day passes.  My favourite part of the role is that no two days are the same, working with a great team and seeing happy customers.