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Visit Santa's Reindeer

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Visit Santa's Reindeer

Visitors will be able to see and learn about these magical creatures every day until Christmas Eve midday – when they return to help Santa make those all-important deliveries.

Months of careful planning have gone into preparing for the special guests, from sending 'reindeer helpers' for training and familiarisation at the reindeer's home farm, to building a specially made custom home for them. “The reindeer bring the magic of Christmas alive and put a smile on the faces of adults and children alike,” says Ben Thompson, Garsons director. “However, our top priority is always to make sure that these majestic creatures are carefully looked after. A lot of work goes into giving them plenty of exercise, the right nutrients and making sure they have lots of space to move around so that they can take time away from visitors if they want to.”

While there is no charge to visit the reindeer at Garsons, this annual tradition raises thousands of pounds for Garsons charities of the year, ‘Princess Alice Hospice’ and ‘Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance’ with collection buckets for donations.

It truly is a magical day for all ages. 

Opening times: 

Garsons Esher: 10am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, 11.00am to 4.30pm Sunday, 9am to 12pm Christmas Eve.

Garsons Titchfield: 9am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 4pm Sunday, 9am to 12pm Christmas Eve.


For more information about Garsons reindeer please click here