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Harry Potter Half-Term Activities

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Harry Potter Half-Term Activities

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Cast your own Patronus charm at Garsons.

Harry Potter LEGO prizes to be won! 

This February half-term we welcome all children to take part in our special Harry Potter Patronus themed in-store trail as well as be able to enter into our draw-your-own Patronus competition, both activities are available from the Customer Service desk from Thursday 13th February until Sunday 23rd February. 


Are you a real Harry Potter fan?
Test your knowledge below

  • Who are Harry’s best friends?
  • What kind of pet does Hermione have?
  • What’s Hagrid’s dog called?
  • What is the spell for a Patronus charm?
  • What kind of creature is Dobby?
  • Where did Harry sleep before he went to Hogwarts?
  • What house would the Sorting Hat put you in?