Gardening by Month - March

The days are getting longer and it’s time to get ready for spring in the garden. It’s such a rewarding time when you can see your efforts take shape, with the promise of months of enjoyment ahead.

March is a great time to plant shrubs, since the soil is beginning to warm up. Depending on your preferred garden style, there are many different options. For a traditional look, consider planting evergreens such as boxwood, yew and holly. For flowering shrubs, choose our plants of the month, the azalea and rhododendron. For a more rustic style, opt for native species such as hawthorn. Give your shrubs plenty of room to spread out so they can benefit from sunlight. Remember to water them regularly, especially during the first season after planting.

Plant sweet peas and sunflower seeds this month to give height and colour to your summer flower garden. Scatter some wildflower seeds to give a lovely natural style. Cornflowers and poppies are beautiful and there are plenty more to choose from, including mixed packets of wildflower seeds.

Prune any trees and shrubs that need it. Use a garden fork to loosen the soil and remove any weeds. Mulch around trees, shrubs and plants, which helps retain moisture and suppress weeds. Then take some time to enjoy your garden in the spring!

It’s Mother’s Day on 19th March, so drop in to Garsons for all kinds of gift inspiration, including houseplants, outdoor plants, and ready-made planters of spring flowers.

Until next month, happy gardening.

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