Plant of the Month: January

Foliage House Plants

If your home seems a little dull without Christmas decorations, make a New Year resolution to liven it up with house plants! Our plants of the month are foliage house plants, so go ahead and bring nature indoors. The range includes plants with delicate foliage to give a softening effect to hard edges, plants with big bold statement leaves, spiky varieties and succulents.

Foliage house plants tend to look good all year round, while flowering plants are more seasonal. If you want a change from green foliage, choose a plant with red, yellow or purple leaves or one with coloured markings. If you would like a hanging pot indoors, choose a foliage plant that looks lovely trailing down, or you can position it on a shelf which it can trail down.

Many foliage house plants take little care, especially over the winter when they don’t need much watering. Read the care instructions and ensure the plant is in the right location in terms of sunlight and heat sources. Check on whether the soil is too dry or too wet.

As well as looking good, house plants can help purify the air. Look out for plants that remove toxins from the air, release oxygen and bring humidity into the atmosphere to improve air quality. The areca palm is an excellent choice. It likes a light position but not direct sunlight. Water it regularly so the roots don’t dry out.

Indoor plants can really lift your spirits, so choose some to give your home a boost. You can also choose pots for your house plants and everything to help them thrive. Garsons card holders can benefit from 20% off the Plant of the Month range. That means 20% off foliage house plants in January for card holders.

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