Gardening by Month - August

Let’s hope for blooming gorgeous weather in August, so we can enjoy the outdoors. It’s a pleasure to potter in the garden this time of year and to relax on warm days.

We’re more and more conscious of the environmental effects of modern living, so it’s good to move towards greener gardening. It’s easy to achieve and can make you feel virtuous too! Tips for greener gardening:

  • Grow the right plant in the right place so it will flourish naturally. Ask a plant expert at Garsons for more advice, or check on the planting advice for new additions to your garden to help them thrive.
  • Keep on top of weeds by hoeing while they are still small.
  • Apply a generous layer of mulch over your borders to retain moisture.
  • Ground cover plants such as heather and many others are natural weed suppressors.
  • Choose drought tolerant plants like lavender and geranium that don’t need much water.
  • Grow your lawn slightly longer to encourage it to be drought tolerant. Don’t water it in dry spells, as it soon bounces back once the rain inevitably returns.
  • Invest in a water butt and a composter.
  • Get a bird table and bird bath, then keep them topped up to look after your feathered friends.
  • Encourage wildlife by creating habitats for them: flowering plants for bees, indigenous hedgerows for birds and shady areas for slow-worms. And remember to leave out fresh water at ground level to help wildlife during dry spells.

If you trim hedges this month it allows new growth to ripen before winter. Conifer hedges should get their annual trim to prevent them becoming overgrown. Feed your lawn with a summer dressing. This will give it the energy to cope with the remaining heat of the summer and also the onset of the cooler months.

If you deadhead your roses and snip back dead branches, not only will they look smarter, you can encourage another round of blooms for early autumn.

Until next month, happy gardening!

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