Plant of the Month: June


Celebrate the Jubilee with roses!

Let’s embrace the best of British with the English rose. It’s the national flower of England and our Plant of the Month. Roses look glorious in June, and with a little care, they keep blooming well into the autumn. Many of the roses at Garsons have won awards for beauty, fragrance or garden performance.

Modern roses are easy to care for. There’s also a fantastic range of old-fashioned heavily scented roses with blooms in shades of white through to deep velvety crimson. Their ‘old rose’ fragrances are all the more heady on a warm summer’s day.

Consider companion planting around your roses, since the lower section can become leggy and sparse. Herbs make good companion plants for roses, and both are great for al fresco dining – picture a barbecue in your garden with home-grown herbs, and roses for a backdrop.

Bee-friendly plants work well with roses. The Phlox is bee-friendly and helps create a lovely cottage garden effect in colours ranging from white and the softest shades of pink and lilac through to vibrant reds. It likes rich, moist soil, and a shady spot.

Roses take very little care. Keep them watered during their first season to help them become established. Deadhead the blooms through the season. If you notice bugs or blackspot on the leaves, spray in the evenings with a general rose pesticide, or ask for advice in the garden centre. Garsons has organic pest control options.

In the autumn, prune your roses by reducing them in size by at least a third and they will spring back to life again next year. This makes them fantastic value, especially as roses are 20% off in the garden centre this month for Garsons card holders.

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