Elevate your garden with climbing plants this spring. Climbers are perfect for adding a lovely softening effect to a bare fence, a wall or to disguise a tatty shed. In a small space, the foliage and blooms add height without taking up much room.

You can introduce an ornamental arch or pergola for a beautiful focal point. If you have a rambling rose or other climber, train it by tying the branches to a structure so it can grow in the right direction. To train a climber up a wall or fence, add a trellis or a wire frame.

Plant a clematis this month and you could enjoy gorgeous big blooms all through the summer. Choose a variety to suit the space. Some grow fast and can rapidly take over a small area, but can easily transform a large bare wall. Make sure you add a generous layer of mulch around the base of your clematis as the roots are close to the surface and like to stay cool.

One of our favourite climbers is the delicately scented jasmine. It has an abundance of beautiful small scented flowers. Jasmine works well on a patio or in any sheltered, sunny spot where you can appreciate its perfume. The jasmine’s scent is particularly heady on warm summer evenings. Plant it in well-drained soil.

Honeysuckle is a dense, scented climber, and its blooms are loved by bees. It prefers to have its base in the shade and the blooms in the sun, so a west facing aspect can be suitable. If you only have a limited space, opt for a compact variety.

Whatever the size of your garden, there’s probably room for a climber or two, so take advantage of our Plant of the Month offer.

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