Gardening by Month - November


Now the evenings are darker, brighten up your garden with autumnal colour. Cyclamen look lovely in bright clusters of red, pink or white, along with winter flowering pansies and violas. These can all look good in pots or in the garden borders.

Dogwood or cornus is a great choice for autumn, along with autumnal coloured heuchera and the skimmia, which is our plant of the month. This is your last chance to plant bulbs and the time is especially right for tulips. You’ll be glad of the effort in the spring.

Take stock of what worked in the garden over the spring and summer and what can be improved. It often helps to take photos to remind you of what plants come up where so you know which gaps to fill next year. Now is a good time to move any shrubs that have outgrown their current position or ones that would perform better in a different part of the garden.

Take advantage of any dry weather to get the garden in order before the winter sets in and it’s too cold to venture out. Here are our top jobs for November:

  • Have a tidy up in the garden. Clear away fallen leaves from your borders, and the lawn to stop the grass turning yellow.
  • Deadhead winter-flowering plants such as viola and primula so they can keep on blooming.
  • Roughly dig some manure into bare patches of your borders so it will be broken down by planting time next spring.
  • Prune roses and snip off any discoloured leaves, as this can reduce blackspot next year.
  • Add a thick layer of mulch around plants to give protection over the winter.
  • Remember to protect tender plants, since November can be the start of frosts. Bring pots close to the house, and wrap tender plants in horticultural fleece.
  • Give your lawn an autumn lawn feed to help it through the winter.
  • Keep a bird feeder and bird table topped up now there aren’t so many food sources for wild birds.

Until next month, happy gardening!

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