Gardening by Month - October


October is a good month for planting, so take the guesswork out of your gardening and pick plants that are best suited to your garden. This is known as ‘right plant, right place’. Choosing plants to suit your soil and the particular position will help them thrive.

It’s easy to be tempted by a healthy shrub in the garden centre, but picking the right plant allows it to quickly become established in your garden. When selecting plants, check what is suited to your particular type of soil, e.g. clay, sandy or silt. Read the growing instructions for the specimen you’re interested in. This will tell you whether it likes shade, sun or a sheltered spot. The planteria staff at Garsons can also advise you.

Autumn leaf colour is coming into its own, with evergreen azaleas and deciduous varieties looking rich and vibrant in reds, oranges and yellows. Our Plant of the Month, the acer or Japanese maple is looking gorgeous. Autumn flowering camellias will be budding. Make sure camellias are planted in acid (ericaceous) compost. They need a sheltered position and can also be planted in a patio container.

It’s not too late to snap up your favourite bulbs and get them planted. If you don’t plant them straightaway, store in a cool place. The sooner they go in the ground, the better.

The evenings are drawing in but don’t neglect the garden now summer is over. Dodge those showers and get planting. Until next month, enjoy your autumn garden!

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