Gardening by Month - September


Autumn is a spectacular time of year for nature, and with an addition or two in your garden, you can enjoy wonderful autumnal colour. September is a lovely month to enjoy the outdoors now the weather is cooler, so let’s all get gardening!

Brighten up existing patio pots by replacing summer bedding with winter interest. Autumn flowering hebes or evergreen conifers can provide a central plant, with heuchera, ivy and thyme added for foliage around the edge.

Heucheras are tough and versatile evergreen plants. They are good for ground cover in sun or shade, making them very practical and attractive. They mix well with country garden favourites like aster, rudbeckia and sedum, along with grasses such as panicum, miscanthus and pennisetum.

It’s good to get out in the fresh air and tidy the garden. Most flowering plants can be cut back. Get rid of weeds and dead leaves. Cut back hedges, and if you have a pond, remove dead leaves through the season.

Many perennials form attractive seed heads, and these can be enjoyed right through autumn and into winter. Favourites include cone-flowers such as echinacea and rudbeckia, globe thistle, agapanthus and ornamental grasses. Visit the garden centre to discover a wonderful selection of late perennials that keep colour and interest going well into winter.

Until next month, enjoy your autumnal garden.

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