Plant of the Month: December


Welcome in the festive season with the Christmas rose or hellebore. It’s not just for Christmas since its lovely cup-shaped flowers bloom right through the winter. For a festive show, plant it in a container with Skimmia reevesiana, which has bright red berries, along with a batch of red or white mini cyclamen.

The rose-like hellebore is a hardy winter plant, giving much needed colour in the coldest months. Its buds open in shades ranging from pure white and dusky pink through to burgundy red and speckled varieties. It needs a shady position and is tough but likes well-drained soil. It looks good in a container or raised bed where you can appreciate its charms close up, as well as in your borders.

The hellebore is low-growing and compact, which combined with its shade-loving credentials means it is an ideal choice for underplanting larger, taller shrubs. Treat yourself to our Plant of the Month and it can flower reliably for years to come.

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