Plant of the Month: July


Herbaceous perennials come into their own during the summer and then burst back into life year after year, making them fantastic value. We have a beautiful range at Garsons that can fill your flower borders and many can also be grown in containers.

One of our favourites is the Agapanthus. Some of the individual varieties are particularly stunning with their blue flowers. They can reach a height of 75cm and prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

Dahlias will keep colour going until the first frosts, making them a great late summer and autumn brightener. They are fantastic performers in the summer border or patio containers. Dahlias often have very showy blooms in warm, vibrant colours.

The wonderful diversity of the dahlia means you can use them in different aspects of your garden, from containers to low growing border plants through to stately background plants that can reach six feet in height. What’s more, dahlias make excellent cut flowers, which last about a week indoors. Keep them well-watered and feed every two weeks.

The Japanese anemone thrives in light to partial shade but will tolerate full sun, as long as there is sufficient moisture in the soil. Late summer and early autumn varieties range from informal double pink flowers through to pure white, semi-double flowers or single white blooms.

Begonias are a cheery option to fill small spaces and can flower through the summer and into autumn. They’re a great option for shade but it’s best to keep them out of windy spots. Other great perennials include the hardy geranium and Phlox, along with Verbena bonariensis, which adds height, colour, and gentle movement to your garden.

Some flowering perennials provide long-lasting displays, with a succession of flowers opening over several months. These include varieties of Rudbeckia and Cone Flower (Echinacea), both valued for their outstanding garden performance.

With so many to choose from, you can select a range of perennials that flower through the seasons and look lovely while supporting bees and different types of butterflies in your garden.

Plant of the Month July | Herbaceous | Garsons

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