Plant of the Month: June


June and July is the time to enjoy roses at their best, so make the most of yours as they bloom. Roses are our Plant of the Month, so check out the gorgeous selection in the garden centre.

With a little care, roses flower for a surprisingly long time. They peak during the summer and can keep going until it turns cold in late autumn, making them a wonderful addition to the garden.

Climbing roses are lovely for summer colour and perfume, with colours, shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and gardens. They look stunning trained over an arch or pergola and can be trained up a garden fence or wall.

Herbs and other aromatic plants make good rose companions, so plant them close to your roses. Parsley and thyme, scented geranium and feverfew are thought to ward off Japanese beetles and aphids. Marigolds may also repel pests and encourage growth.

Get the most from your roses

  • Dead-heading encourages more blooms right through the season. For best results, the Royal National Rose Society recommends you simply snap off the dead head without removing any leaves. You can leave the old-fashioned types as these often form hips that provide autumn colour
  • Roses are easy to care for, but keep an eye out for bugs, blackspot and rust aphids. Don’t be put off though; If any problem is treated, the roses should bloom healthily. Spray with a general rose pesticide. If you’re going to spray, do it in the evening when there are fewer insects around
  • We have a great range of organic pet and child-friendly pest control options available.
  • Avoid hoeing too deeply near roses as this might damage the root
  • Roses appreciate a rose feed to promote and prolong flowering 

Talk to our gardening experts if you would like advice on rose care, and enjoy your blooming lovely roses!

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