Plant of the Month: May


Gorgeous geraniums. Our bedding plant of the month is the geranium, also known as the pelargonium. May is the time to plant your summer containers and garden borders with richly coloured geraniums. It’s a great choice for your low maintenance summer garden.

They will flower all summer if you give them a weekly feed of high potassium, such as tomato food. Deadhead them to encourage another flush of flowers. Most varieties prefer full sun and dislike damp conditions. As well as keeping them outside, you can also have them as an indoor pot plant or keep in a glasshouse, but be careful of them getting overheated.

The geranium is drought tolerant, so needs less watering and it is better able to thrive during dry spells. Mix with other drought-tolerant plants such as lamb’s ear and saxifrage. They also look lovely with cottage plants.

Avoid putting them in areas that become waterlogged. They still need to be watered in when you plant them and kept watered during very dry spells. By planting during rainy times, you can cut down on the need for initial watering. Geraniums don’t need a lot of attention, giving you more time to enjoy the garden and making them our worthy plant of the month.


Plant of the Month May | Geranium | Garsons

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