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Plant of the Month - April

Plant of the Month - April

Heavenly Hebes

These easy-going plants can thrive in all soil types and in both sun and shade. The hebe is a versatile and popular evergreen shrub. There are many varieties and once established in your garden, they don’t need much care. They are drought tolerant and perfect for pots and borders. Hebe is named after the Goddess of Youth who served nectar to the gods! The nectar is why butterflies and bees love it.

Hebe ‘Heartbreaker’ is an eye-catching shrub with leaves that turn a spectacular shade of red in winter and spring, bringing a burst of colour to tired borders. Hebe ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Purple Shamrock’ have fantastic pink flushes of new growth.

Hebe ‘Purple Princess’ is a smaller shrub, with a 20 inch height and a spread of 24 inches. It’s good for the front of your border or to fill a gap. It has lovely lilac flowers in early summer and bronze-green foliage all year round.

There are also some beautiful dark leaved forms, which are good for creating contrast between other coloured shrubs and can be used as container plants. Varieties such as ‘Garden Beauty Blue’ are a delight in June when they’re blooming with colour.

Combine them with heather, thyme, lavender, and our previous Plant of the Month, the wallflower. Mixed into your borders, these plants give a natural cottage garden effect.

Remember that plants from Garsons have been expertly reared, and hardy plants are guaranteed.